Club run reports - 20th January

Club run reports - 20th January

20 Jan 19

Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood

Freezing cold, minus three to be exact, meant the risk of ice and reduced numbers. Off out through Cold Christmas, Much Hadham and Spellbrook without any mishaps. Let's stop there because it's just after this that the ride fell apart. One of the group heard the directions given and set off to be followed by another couple who didn't hear the directions or see the other rider take the quick left turn. It was about a mile down the road that those on the correct route realised we were two short and that they must have missed the turning. A quick U turn and sprint back, but alas no sign of them. We decided that the only thing to do was follow the route they had probably taken and hope they had made it to the café. As luck would have it they had. They were sitting in the lovely warm café awaiting our arrival. Quick service and tea in proper China cups prepared us for the return leg.
By now the sun had warmed the air up enough that toes and fingers could be felt, and we made a steady but comfortable journey home. 
An enjoyable ride as usual, it was even worth braving the arctic temperatures for. Roll on the summer...

Category 5 ride led by John Farnham

A very cold morning reduced the number of participants down to 5 from the 10 of recent weeks. Maybe it was the prospect of a few icy patches that kept others snuggled under their duvets. A bit of extra care was certainly required negotiating around some ice filled puddles on our outward route through Wareside, Much Hadham, Allens Green, Sawbridgeworth, Little Hallingbury, Takeley Street to the Thremhall Park Coffee Shop. By the time we set out for our return leg through Great Hallingbury, Spellbrook, Much Hadham and Wareside the sun was much higher in the sky and by comparison to earlier in the day the temperature felt almost sub-tropical. 40 miles, no punctures or tumbles and only one intermittently squeaky mechanical, although whether this was actually the bike or the rider remained unclear.