Club run reports - 20th February

Club run reports - 20th February

20 Feb 22

Category 3 ride led by Graham Knight

The doubly shortened Cat 3, or maybe 4, featured three intrepid wind-surfers who headed north from Ware. Despite the forecast gusting westerly, we seemed to have a decent tail-wind up to Hare Street. A tail-come-cross-wind then took us through Hormead and as far as Stocking Pelham before the wind began to oppose. Not too bad, though, as it's mostly downhill towards Little Hadham - the stretch across the new A120 was the only excitement with a strong wind from the right requiring careful steering. Finally we had to face the full force of the westerly after Much Hadham. We chose the more sheltered route through Cold Christmas but if was still hard work across the A10 and there was a lot of debris on the road. Having negotiated that we made it back to Ware before the noon Yellow Warning took effect.

Category 6 ride led by Carolyn Kelleway

Four riders assembled at Allenburys in very blustery conditions hoping the BBC weather report of 45 mph winds at 2 pm was accurate. We set off with the wind behind us at great speed along Fanhams Hall Road. Felt easy! What’s all the fuss! Tony was going for a land speed record! 

The roads were dreadful, full of debris, grit and general muck. All going well with me suffering 2 slime leaks but the tyre held up so on we went. Until we turned left into The Causeway and bang we were hit with the full force of the wind. Going downhill was hard work. Plus it was raining to add to the situation.

At this point Tony used a few choice words to say “bleep, bleep, BBC, bleep, got it, bleep, wrong”. Too late we were on our way home and then my puncture happened. All repaired very efficiently and quickly and we were off again to Graham’s disappointment- he wanted a picnic. Thank you. 

By the time we got to High Cross our legs were shot - fortunately for some we were nearly home, but poor Tony and Mike had to continue into the wind to Enfield and Cheshunt.

Having said all that it was great to be out on a good social ride. Thanks everyone for turning up. Surely spring is nearly here.