Club run reports - 1st September

Club run reports - 1st September

01 Sep 19

Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood

The first ride of autumn saw a rather impressive turn out of thirteen for today's cat sixer. The one and only eye-talian stallion rejoined us for his first club run since his knee surgery. Good to see you back Franco Spencer. Out through Barwick Ford, on through Puckeridge and across the A10 with only one mishap. A lump of wood "jamming", as Bob Marley would say, in the fork of someone's bike. A quick dust down and check over showed no damage to bike or man and on we went. Two members decided to not partake in the coffee and cake on offer at the café and made their way back. The remainder of us came back via the Pelhams, Braughing and Puckeridge. Then onto the old A10 and back to base camp, where Peter was holding a kit sizing session. A quick strut along the catwalk by yours truly and striptease by another cat six hunk was enough to spur all those umming and ahing about buying kit, to dip straight into their savings and splash the cash. 
A shade over thirty miles and about a 12mph average speed.


Category 5 ride led by John Farnham

It is unusual to have both the Cat 5 and the Cat 3 groups starting at Much Hadham, but the 10 strong Cat 5ers give the others a head start (to make sure we didn't catch them up!). Out through Little Hadham, where just north of the village the ground works for the new bypass are quickly taking shape. A tail wind assisted us up through the Pelhams, Berden and Arkesden to Duddenhoe End where it turned into a headwind for our run through Langley, Meesden and Anstey to the Sunflower cafe at Hare Street. It was just about warm enough to sit outside in the alternating sun and cloud for our usual Cat 5 leisurely tea stop. Return via Little Hormead, Furneux Pelham, Braughing, Puckeridge and Barwick Ford back to Much Hadham. 40 miles, no punctures, mechanicals or tumbles, and only one slight delay for re-tying of a stray shoelace.


Category 4 ride led by Peter Walton

Many years ago the club ride would sometimes go to a cafe in the middle of Ongar.  It now has new owners & a new name (can't remember the old one) so we went there.  Out via Sawbo, Harlow, Matching Green, Moreton to Ongar & back via Sheering, Much Hadham (hello, Cat 3ers!) to Ware.  Six people partook and the total distance was 51.5 problem free miles.


Category 2 ride led by Nathan Brede

Out to Shaw’s Corner and Bison Hill.

We covered 65.4 miles averaging 17.8 mph, and climbed 3500 feet. Overall a good ride out over a very testing route with moderate winds in places. We had one puncture and all enjoyed the pop up cafe. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the route.


Category 3 ride led by Gareth Wignall

With holidays and injuries, just 3 riders found the start in Much Hadham.

We headed off before the Cat. 5s,  also starting in Much Hadham, with a steep start up to Bury Green, setting the tone for the day – A Hilly Mystery Tour

Down the A120, back to Hadham Ford then up and over to Standon, Old Hall Green,  Haultwick, Ardeley, Hall’s Green, Weston, Clothall into Baldock.

A pit stop at Tapps before getting straight back into the climbing up Hatch Lane. Returning through Weston, Walkern, Bennington, Hebing End, Aston, Datchworth, Watton at Stone, Dane End, Barwick Ford.

We passed the Cat. 4 ride as we crested the old railway bridge going down Kettle Green Lane back in to Much Hadham for 13:30. 56 miles covered.