Club run reports - 1st October

Club run reports - 1st October

03 Oct 17

Category 3 ride led by Peter Walton

After the 81"\Scrubbers\Unrestricted race around Cole Green, three Wheelers set off for Puckeridge via Walkern.  The first puncture was outside Watton, the second at Moor Green.  Mine was the latter and after changing the inner tube and being unable to pump it up I had more difficulties as I couldn't get the tyre back off.  Ian saved my day!  After advising the others to "go on ahead" I eventually got myself sorted and got to Puckeridge.  We rode back together to complete a moderately Cat 3 short ride of about 35 miles.

Category 5 ride led by John Farnham

On Friday the forecast for Sunday was looking decidedly grim with heavy rain and strong winds predicted to hinder our ride to Hatfield Heath. Fortunately on the day this had mostly blown out of the way and we only had a small amount of rain and a moderate wind to contend with. A small group of 5 Wheelers made the most of this on our route via Wareside, Much Hadham, Allens Green, Sawbridgeworth, Sheering, Matching Tye, Threshers Bush, High Laver, Matching Green to the Village Tearoom. As we arrived the Cat 6 group were just leaving so we were able to occupy their freshly vacated table. Return through Ryes Lane, Hatfield Forest, Spellbrook, Much Hadham, Wareside back to Ware. 45 miles, no punctures or mechanicals.

Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood

Five Wheelers and one guest rider, Dale, made up the cat six ride to Hatfield Heath today. Dale had turned up to try out the cat 2 ride, but as none of those guys turned up, he decided to see if he could manage the legendary 6. Obviously we took it a bit easier than usual and took turns giving him a tow. Although to be fair he managed OK. 
The weather that was forecast to be terrible earlier in the week turned out to be much better than expected, with only a few light showers and an increasingly stronger wind, especially on the home leg. We arrived at the cafe at eleven o'clock on the dot and decided that we would all have the poached eggs on toast. I hope there were some eggs left for the cat five who arrived just as we were leaving. I know Cathy appreciated the nice warm seats we left them. 
The homeward journey was into a headwind and made it quite hard work, well for me mainly, but I'm sure Dale and Rhys were struggling too, even though they made it look like they weren't. As usual, a couple of riders peeled off for home with remainder getting back to base camp Allenburys just after 1 o'clock. 
Just under 38 miles at about a 13.5mph average speed ............. And no drugs or doping used....... Honest guv'nor!