Club run reports - 1st April

Club run reports - 1st April

03 Apr 18

Category 3 ride led by Peter Walton (post time trial)

After the TT we decided on a short trip to a nearby cafe.  We were still cold and a bit wet and I couldn't be a****d to go far.  Moreover it gave those who'd arrived by car the chance to join in.  So a short trip was taken to the Country Bumpkin Cafe at Tewin.  There's plenty of room inside which helped as a large group of Finsbury Parkers turned up - we hadn't seen them since the previous week at Codicote (stalkers!?!).  Normally Tewin would be too near, but these were exceptional circumstances and it's the ideal place after racing on the F6.

Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood

Six Wheelers today for the cat six ride to Stapleford airfield. It was nice to have three regular riders from the cat three group come along; they had decided to push themselves and see if they could manage the rapid pace and distance the cat six riders are famous for. Needless to say they managed it easily although the same can't be said for myself, as you know my legs and bum have a self destruct action that kicks in at about 35 miles and as a result I was blowing quite hard for the last 6 miles and shifting around on the saddle more than usual. The weather was colder than most of us had been expecting, although thankfully it stayed dry throughout the ride. No mechanicals but lots of discussions about bad backs, knees and eyesight failing gives you an idea of the average age and condition of the Wheelers. Elite athletes at the peak of good health....NOT.
I thought I was having hearing problems too, but then remembered that Tony was doing the TT and it was in fact just quieter than usual.
41 miles of fast hilly roads. 
Thanks all for enjoyable ride.