Club run reports - 19th January

Club run reports - 19th January

22 Jan 20

Category 5 ride led by John Farnham

A shorter ride than normal today to allow participants to get home and scrubbed up before the new year lunch. It was slightly tricky on the outward leg through Wareside, Hadhams, Stocking Pelham and Braughing due to the occasional icy patch but fortunately there were no tumbles. After snacks and teas & coffees at Something Lovely in Puckeridge, we emerged into marginally warmer afternoon weather for our return route via Great Munden, Dane End, Old Hall Green, Colliers End and Barwick Ford. 35 miles in total, no punctures or mechanical gremlins. Appetites suitably sharpened for the three course late afternoon lunch.


Category 6 ride led by Mike East

Eleven children of the wind left Ware for Bunters. Like Captain Smith on the bridge of the Titanic, we looked for ice. No growlers thankfully, but a few thin patches around Barwick Ford. The route changed to busier, less slippy roads, the former A10, then the direct line to Hare Street and up and over to our destination. A puncture slowed progress, but only slightly as Franco and Lee,  a great double act, repaired the tubeless tyre expertly. Lee managed a few more miles before heading off, no doubt to press his dinner jacket, choose a jaunty dickie bow and finalise his acceptance speech for the raft of cycling trophies he would be receiving later in the afternoon.

Now, the Buntingford Cafe has had a bit of a makeover - more, bigger tables and mood lighting. Not only that, the locals, normally hovering for a caffeine hit at 11 o’clock opening time, had decided to avoid a frosty amble. Result - the cafe easily accommodated the cat 6 crowd, plus the Godfreys, who had been mountain biking. The route back took in Hare Street again, Puckeridge and the old A10. 28 miles and back for 1 pm.