Club run reports - 19th February

Club run reports - 19th February

20 Feb 17

Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood

With all three rides starting from Ware, I was obviously fearful of losing half the group again. With this in mind we waited until the other two had departed, and then set off down Ware High Street, before chucking a left and heading towards the Hadhams. On through these and then on to Albury where we took the day's only real hill to Upwick Green. From here it was all downhill to the cafe and we arrived bang on time and with all those who were supposed to be there for a change. The size of our group meant we more or less filled the upstairs but as usual the staff coped admirably. Sausage sandwich on door stop white bread and large coffee for £3 made me feel like I was back in Poland -  amazing value. Only one rider had to forgo the cafe stop today due to other commitments and it's the one person who likes a bargain more than most. Any guesses?. Back to base with only one minor mechanical and a bit of a head wind, meant we arrived back in plenty of time for me to load the bike on the car, and get home in time to watch the mighty Spurs glide into the FA Cup quarter finals. Goodish weather and great company made for a most enjoyable day. Oh, and did I mention the Spurs result! COYS.

Category 5 ride led by John Farnham

Four Wheelers and a guest rider set out on our regular route to Buntingford through Wareside, Much Hadham, Little Hadham, Pelhams (3 of), Meesden, Anstey, Cave Gate and Wyddial. The Coffee Shop was nearly full upon our arrival but strangely emptied out shortly afterwards. Return via Aspenden, Westmill, Cherry Green, Nasty, Great Munden, Old Hall Green, Colliers End, Latchford and Barwick back to Ware. 42 miles, no punctures or mechanicals.

Category 3 ride led by Barry Page

Seven set off for Royston on a unusually mild day. We didn't get very far when "Pete the Impaler" had a go at GK's mudguard. Several cable ties later we resumed, but soon stopped to fix two punctures, resulting in only six reaching the café. The route out took in Furneux Pelham, Great Hormead, Anstey and Barkway and back via Sandon and Buntingford over 50 miles.