Club run reports - 18th February

Club run reports - 18th February

20 Feb 18

Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood

The cat six put out their first eleven today and, unlike Manchester City who could only manage six substitutes, we made do with none. The ride was managed in such a professional way that the need for fresh legs never arose and we got through the whole game without any mishaps. I was expecting a much quieter ride today knowing that a certain Mr Santos was having a go at the TT but, like a bad penny, who should turn up but Phil the Power (of his vocal chords) Taylor. So much for the peaceful Sunday ride.
It was good to also see the return of Rhys, as I thought he'd been in hiding, him being one of those poor gooners and his Woolwich side doing so badly at the moment. Never mind they've got a cup final against Manchester City to look forward to, that should go well...ha ha!
Our front three made their own way back from the cafe while the rest of us minus our goalie dodged the offside and got back dead on the final whistle.
Well played team, now all into the big bath for the celebratory sing song. Come On You Cyclists.....

Category 3 ride led by Tony Howard

So there I was minding my own business, drinking my first glass of red (not red berries) on Saturday evening and the phone rang! Hi Peter (B) (who was scheduled to lead the Cat 3 ride today). Hi Tony, guess what, I’ve pulled a muscle running, to which I reply, what at your age! So I put on a sympathetic voice.....! So that’s why I lead the ride today!

So after a quick look through my routes, I went for what I call the Airfields Route 55 Miles, so the 4 of us set off from Allenburys heading to St. Margarets, then Hoddesdon and up through the water works (that cleared the nose), through Roydon heading towards Epping and then Theydon Bois. I probably should not have gone through Loughton and under the M11 because the traffic was heavy! But we all loved Pudding Lane (fantastic hill-not) and arrived at Stapleford Airfield in good time to sit on the outside patio in the sunshine watching the planes come and go whilst partaking of refreshments -  very nice. The return trip was via the North Weald Airfield and Harlow before hitting Ware around 14.00. What should Peter’s penance be?