Club Run Reports - 18th December

Club Run Reports - 18th December

19 Dec 16

Cat 5 - led by Peter Walton

At this rate I'm going to have to give a bit more thought re destinations - there were eight of us!  From Ware via Spellbrook, Hallingbury & god knows where else we eventually arrived at Thremhall Park to find it packed.  Still, we went in and found a couple of spare seats, persuaded two or three people to leave and eventually (about 30 seconds later) we were all seated.  Within five minutes we'd all been given our food\drink.  Despite the heaving nature of the place, the staff still found time to come back to us with tea\coffee pots for a refill.  Then it was back along much of the outward bound route although from Much Hadham we took a detour via Puckeridge.  I probably short-changed everyone by advertising the ride as a forty-five miler when it was only forty-one.  I'll just have to learn to live with this disgrace, although I still can't look at myself in the mirror!

Category 6 - led by Lee Mason

The previous day's Dickensian fog had lifted to reveal a level of murkiness which was clear enough to entice 11 easy riders. Testing out a new slightly longer route to Emily's via Shaw's corner and Kimpton proved to be a roaring success, everyone embraced the hills with good spirit  and the extra few miles made the tea shop an even more welcome sight. A few other cyclists (it was mobbed!) were already inside and outside so we also opted for the al-fresco continental experience. Our hill climbing heat and flushed faces lasted all of around 5 minutes before the reality of the cold set in. We smiled and chatted, ignoring the frostbite as it took hold; Bruno casually slipped on his classic thermal balaclava whilst Martin went with the more modern baseball cap, hood and bandana over the face look, it was like a table full of invisible men! When Captain Bob, remarked it was a bit chilly we knew we were in trouble. We finally managed to get seated inside, and after what seemed like forever, we got our cake. A scenic route through Saint Paul's Walden, Rabley Heath and Datchworth was just the ticket for a pleasant ride back. No mechanicals.