Club run reports 18th August

Club run reports 18th August

20 Aug 19

Category 3 ride led by Tony Howard

Nine expectant riders turned up for today’s ride from Allenburys in Ware, but did nine complete the course, no! As always the plan was to set off to a prompt start, this failed due to a puncture repair by a rider who got the puncture on the way to the start but it needed redoing. Secondly a certain person turned up at Hertford instead of Ware, being a kind bunch we waited for her arrival! Eventually we got going, unfortunately shortly after leaving Ware the big black cloud engulfed us and the wet stuff descended upon us! Shortly after this the “Puncture Man” still had problems and decided to abort, along with his spouse and one other! And now we were 6, and it was rather unpleasant, no not the company the weather! The route took us up through Buntingford, where I asked if people wanted to stop for coffee, given the weather, the answer was NO! So we cycled on and as forecast the rain stopped and the sun showed itself, by this time we had done just over 20 miles and were soaked. But with an increase of speed we soon dried out.

Surprisingly the Southill Tea Room was almost empty and as the sun was still shining we sat outside after some very prompt service, and consumed some great reasonably priced food and drinks. The route back was faster than that going and took in Clifton, Baldock and that fantastic Chalk Hills, before heading towards Hertford and home. 64 miles at just under 16 mph average, well done team, enjoyed your company.

Category 5 ride led by John Farnham

For some strange reason our rides to Mill End Plants often seem to involve varying degrees of rain. Today did not turn out any different for the 10 Wheelers who trundled out of Ware, initially in the dry but, by the time we reached Barwick Ford, the rain was coming down fairly hard. This was the cue for donning the Gore Tex but one of our number found himself somewhat challenged in the waterproof top department and decided to go home instead. The remaining nine braved the weather through Great Munden, Buntingford and on to Sandon where it ceased raining and we more or less dried out by the time of our arrival at the cafe. Groups of cyclists must form a substantial part of their business as the North Road were just leaving as we arrived and the Cambridge Town & Country turned up shortly afterwards. A small group of civilians were the only other customers in evidence. A dry return leg via Cromer windmill where one of our number powered off into the distance and had to be recalled into the fold courtesy of her mobile phone. Followed by recital of Club Run rule no.1, namely thou shalt not shoot off the front beyond shouting distance of the leader. No further hiccups for the rest of our return through Ardeley, Wood End, Colliers End, Latchford, Barwick back to Ware. 45 miles, no punctures, mechanicals or tumbles.

Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood

Ten riders for the rearranged cat sixer  today. Originally it was supposed to be Mr Dos Santos to Shenley, but he remembered he'd committed to help someone move so ' in to the breach' stepped yours truly. A change of destination to Church farm and we were off. The weather forecast as it has been recently was way off, and the odd chance of a shower turned out to be a definite downpour. Those without their jackets were soaked when we arrived at the café. Those with theirs only slightly less so. The poor service at church farm was the reason we stopped using it as a regular stop. Luckily it seemed to have improved and everyone was fed and watered in a very reasonable time. The sun came out for the return leg and apart from a rather aggressive Bee giving someone a trout pout that Leslie Ash would be proud of, it was trouble free. I had underestimated the milage by a couple of miles so several members felt short changed and demanded at least some of their money back. Sorry guys, but you know the rules.
No income tax, no V A T , no money back no guarantee......I have got some nice Trevor Francis tracksuits from a moosh in Shepherds Bush though.