Club run reports - 17th September

Club run reports - 17th September

18 Sep 17

Category 3 ride led by Peter Walton

Five hardy stalwarts set off from Hertford for a trip to Southill.  Going via Datchworth, Watton and Walkern we soon were on less familiar roads as we went through Hitchin and up to Henlow before cutting across to our destination.  Heading into the wind proved not to be a too difficult hardship and we averaged 15.2 mph for our journey of 32 miles.  This may have been a bit too quick, but for me it made a change to lead and therefore not being the one who holds everyone else back as I was not tired from having raced a pre-club run TT, or done a 200+kms Audax the previous day.  However the trip back was even quicker due to a following wind.  We returned via Langham, Hinxworth, Ashwell, Walkern and back with a total average for the 63 miles of 15.8 mph.
Rosie's Tea Room looked after us well and is a welcome addition to our list of destinations (and it's only three miles from Ireland!).

Category 8 ride led by John Farnham

A trio of riders was soon reduced to a duo when Janine realised that she had brought the wrong bike. So the duo went forth into the Hertfordshire countryside via Poles Lane, Cold Christmas ford, Barwick ford, Much Hadham, Sidehill Wood, Perry Green back to Much Hadham, where a horrible mechanical grinding noise was followed by Franco's chain breaking. Fortunately the fairly swift application of a 'quick link' had us back on our way over the hill to Puckeridge. Although busy, the Something Lovely café soon had us fed and watered and ready for our return leg through Latchford, Colliers End, Old Hall Green, Moorfield Common, Sacombe Park, Stonyhills, Rickneys Quarry, Bengeo, Ware Park back to Ware. 35 miles.

Category 6 ride led by Mike East

The destination, the cafe at Vanstone Garden Centre, has gone from having new owners a few months ago to no owners now. So, the group of eight broke their round trip at the Wyevale Garden Centre half a mile down the road. Over coffee and sausage sandwiches a heated debate ensued over that most tortuous conundrum - you are a month away from getting married. Do you open negotiations about a new bike before or after the wedding? No conclusion was reached, although it was the most energetic part of the ride. A wiggly 32 mile route, just 17 spots of rain and back by 1.20 pm.