Club run reports -17th November

Club run reports -17th November

17 Nov 19

Category 3 ride led by Tony Howard

Six Wheelers and a guest left Allenbury’s at 9.29 - remember this time it’s significant! Our route was 33 miles out to Poppy’s Barn Tea Room rurally located between Langley and Clavering. My plan was to hit a few hills, but I didn’t tell anyone! At one point a Wheeler got to the front and tried to lead us “Off Route” but a quick shout sorted that out and onward up what I call “The Windmill Hill”, that decreased the average speed! Shortly after this we arrived at the cafe to find the eighth Wheeler sitting on his own at a table with a smile voicing his opinion about what time the ride left Ware. I said 9.30, but apparently he arrived at 9.31, and we were nowhere to be seen.  Despite his efforts he couldn’t catch us, so how did he beat us to the cafe, a short cut? He was late of course! 

After some lovely food and drink we were on our way, 21 miles back to Ware, but only 6 Wheelers and the guest made it, 6ft 5” of brute strength broke the rear derailleur hanger, so International Rescue was required. On the plus side this happened outside a pub where the Wheeler waited while participating in several alcoholic beverages! 

Oh I forgot to mention the Velomobile had a puncture at the cafe; we pushed on under instructions to do so, but it soon caught us up, I’m sure there’s an engine in it!
54 miles at an average speed of 15.3 mph, due to the hills and lots of talk. Great company though!


Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

What a lovely cold crisp morning. The temperature was 2 degrees, but it didn’t feel that cold. I looked around and there was no Danny or Mike. What would happen if something went wrong? I said to myself. But I need not worry as Captain Bob turned up on his trusty steed. All was well in the world. Then, shock horror, Janine turned up at 9:25am; yes she was early, I was rubbing my eyes, could this be right? Janine was early!
We were off at 9:32am, as we didn’t want to catch up the category 5 ride seeing as as we are honed athletes. 
It was lovely to see Will Bowen doing Back to Back rides, I thought he had a twin! Will shall now be known as the “Cat 6 Mascot” with his cool heart shaped sunglasses! 
Nothing at all happened on the ride, apart from great banter. 
There’s really not much to say really. The cafe stop at Thremhall Park was speedy and efficient as usual. 
A very uneventful ride really. Nice to see Lee Mason out on the ride. I have to mention all the others - Lynn Nichols, great rider, Franco, the Italian stallion, and last, but not least, Mr Peter Eldon, the mad Englishman. 

Thanks for coming and yes, yes, yes, I did not lose anyone! 

Love and kisses



Category 2 ride led by Peter Howard

Good ride today out to Royston for six. Out through Datchworth, Cromer, Ashwell. Back  through Reed, Great Hormead  and Puckeridge.  Some long straights to open up the legs, and hills .... lots of hills! Decent average pace at 17.5mph. Think everyone enjoyed it, even if it was cold.


Category 5 ride led by John Farnham

Our rides to the cafe at Mill End Plants usually seem to be accompanied by varying degrees of rain but today we were greeted by a fine but chilly late Autumn day. Our 25 mile outward leg took us through Barwick, Dane End, Westmill, Buntingford, Sandon and Roe Green. This cycling friendly establishment was welcoming and efficient as usual, and we were soon tucking into some nice food and drink. Return via Ardeley, Wood End, Great Munden, Colliers End, Barwick Ford back to Ware. 44 miles, no tumbles, mechanicals or punctures, although we were able to render assistance to another cyclist who had broken his chain near Barwick Ford.