Club run reports - 17th June

Club run reports - 17th June

20 Jun 18

Category 5 ride led by Peter Walton

Due to the unavailability of Thremhall Park, or even Leigh for that matter, we had to make a alternative destination choice & leader.  The former was easy - Ickleton.  For the latter, the group was stuck with me.  Looking to make the most of the conditions we took a fairly rapid outward-bound tour.  With a following wind the miles sped by and we soon got to the Ickleton Barns where I took a bit of flak for our speed.  However the return put paid to any talk about the "above specified average speed as per the website" as the wind and hills soon slowed us down.

Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

A nice number, eight left Allenbury’s. As we were leaving and nearly 20 miles out (Ok, so it was 22 yards), who should turn up in her car with her helmet on, yes the one and only, Janine. So she shot off to Allenbury's and we said we would meet her at the top of the hill. We waited and waited and…..well you get the picture. In the end we met her at Fanhams Hall! A nice ride up through Kettle Green and disaster struck the dreaded 6’s, Martin had a puncture! Who was on hand, to oversee it, yes Franco and did he help? Did he b******s!. Mike helped Martin and the puncture was fixed in 3 minutes (total lie, but sounds good). A pretty uneventful ride, that’s until Janine thought she was on the TT and we started going along at a cracking pace; Janine in her racing style, on the drops and really pushing me. Then I realised I was ride leader and asked if we could slow it down a little. We got to Cammas Hall Farm in good time. Mike and Martin said their goodbyes as they needed to get back early. The service was excellent and I saw the biggest jacket potato EVER in my life, which Janine kindly gave me half. I obliged and gave Janine half my apricot and almond slice. Franco tried to force me into going into mountain biking with him, forcing me into a headlock and we rolled around the floor! You believe any of this last bit, you’re plain bonkers.

On the ride back I saw something very very strange. Bruno was on the small ring at the front and spinning. He finally conceded that the 400 miles riding around the mountains of France had taken its toll. Amazing for Jane and Bruno to ride all that distance. Well done guys! Kate as normal was a power house and she can ride forever. Paul, 10 miles from HQ advised he was shooting off and by your leave he went off like a greyhound out of the traps. All in all a nice ride out to Cammas Hall which was really uneventful, but lovely company and the weather held out for a dry run. Love and kisses. Tony xxx