Club run reports - 17th February

Club run reports - 17th February

17 Feb 19

Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood

You can't beat a bit of the old currant bun for bringing out the numbers. The start was certainly busy with Wheelers ready to make up for the lousy weather of late. 
The dirty dozen, a group specially chosen for this mission from the seediest parts of town and the toughest, roughest of prison populations, set off. Boldly going where no man had gone before. Well, to Theydon Bois! 
The hills were alive with the sound of cursing as usual but, in true Saving Private Ryan style, we all marched on regardless. The only sour note being a bit of verbals from a passenger in a car being driven to fast and furious. Belgique supplied the usual fine cakes and coffee, even if the method of payment was rather slow. The return to witch mountain was now fully in little miss sunshine and even though the hills have eyes they couldn't slow down our speed. As we got closer to home several riders departed and very soon we were down to a not so magnificent seven. A couple of the A team had to death race home; they had their reasons, but what happens on cat six stays on cat six. What’s the harm in breaking away once upon a time in America anyway?
I love the sunshine on Leith; it's so nice to feel some heat after all the rain and cold mountain of late.
That's all for now folks!!  I'm off to watch a scary movie. 

Category 5 ride led by John Farnham

Although it's still the back end of winter, today felt like spring had sprungeth with near wall to wall sunshine and a light southerly wind. Thus 10 members on 9 bikes set forth on one of our regular routes to Buntingford via the Hadhams, Pelhams, Meesden and Anstey. A very full coffee shop meant it took some time to get served, but eventually we all got fed and watered. Return through Westmill, Cherry Green, Great Munden, Colliers End, Barwick Ford back to Ware. 42 miles, no punctures or tumbles but 1 broken gear cable, fortunately only 2 miles from home so not too much of a panic. 

Category 3 ride led by Graham Knight

The promise of sunshine resurrected the enthusiasm of most of last week's absentees, so that 10 set off on the ride to Dunmow. Everything proceeded smoothly until Andrew B had a puncture in Bishops Stortford. It proved to be one of those punctures that resists a cure so that around 40 minutes were lost before we were back on the road. The loss of time prompted a diversion to Thremhall Park. Andrew suffered a second misfortune in Stansted Mountfitchet when his saddle dropped right down to the frame. Unfortunately the leader was not aware of this and the ride ploughed on towards Takeley. Andrew, we presume, missed the right turn in Elsenham and headed off into deepest Essex, eventually covering 65 miles - oh dear!

The rest made it to the café where the normal slick service was a bit frayed around the edges due to a shortage of staff. Anyway cake, tea, coffee and sunshine were on offer so it was an enjoyable stop. The ride back through the Hallingburys and Spellbrook was uneventful and good time was made back to Ware, even allowing for the leader's slow pace on some of the hills. As it turned out, we would have had time to make it to Dunmow, but there you go.