Club run reports - 14th November

Club run reports - 14th November

14 Nov 21

Category 4 ride led by Lisa Ridoutt

Nine riders set off from Hertford to Mill End Plants, with two new members joining us.

All was going smoothly until Valdis got a puncture just outside of Puckeridge; after a 15 minute wait we were off again.

The anticipation had been building to see what the huge bear would be doing at the house at the top of Barwick Lane (if you know, you know)! For those that are even remotely interested, he was asleep in the bed.

Just through Puckeridge, Valdis had another puncture and unfortunately had to abandon the ride, so we were down to eight riders.

Being Remembrance Sunday we decided to stop at the war memorial in Braughing, where we joined five motorcyclists, formed a bond and stood with them for the two minutes silence.

Onwards to Buntingford, our new biker friends gave us a cheery wave as they whizzed past.

Arriving at Mill End Plants, we found Barry who informed us that we’d just missed the Cat 3.5 gang. Obviously we would have beaten them there if it wasn’t for the two punctures and two chain fails.

Barry joined us for the return journey but unfortunately I lost him 15 minutes after the cafe stop (Sorry Barry).

So having left with nine, becoming eight, then nine, then eight again, we returned to Hertford having covered 43 miles, with over 2000ft of climbing and an average speed of 13.2mph