Club Run Reports 13th/14th August 2016

Club Run Reports 13th/14th August 2016

16 Aug 16

Saturday Ride led by Graham K

Three met at Allenburys for the early start; Graham K, Kevin P and Peter H. We made our way to Hadham then north to Chishill via the Langleys. Return was down to Barley then down the B1368. Kevin tweaked a muscle just before Barkway which meant a slight reduction in pace - welcome in the case of the leader!

Cat 3 led by Tony Rose

Just 3 of us set off from for Granchester: myself, leading for the first time, Richard Furness and Peter Dukes.
The 8.30 start caught one or two out. Nathan Brede had a blowout en route to the start so returned home and changed bikes and met us at the Orchard tea garden.
A fairly brisk ride back meant the average speed was a little quicker than expected, but everyone coped well.
I hope to repeat this ride next month and hopefully tempt a few more of you to join me!

Cat 6 led by Bob Brown

Fourteen set off from Allenburys. Heading out via Wareside, Babbs Green and Much Hadham, then Perry Green, Parsonage Lane and Spellbrook, the large group had no punctures or mechanicals on their way via Hatfield Broad Oak to the fruit farm.  Little of note to report except an unduly high number of alarmingly large agricultural vehicles coming the opposite way!
It was good to see Steve Whipp arrive at the café, but unfortunately for him, just as we were about to leave. After a half hearted straw poll to see if we should wait for him, we hurried off leaving him with his panini.
All went well on the return journey via Hatfield Heath, Sheering, Back Lane, Sawbrigeworth and Allens Green until one of our number (who rides a Bianchi) unshipped his chain, which delay allowed several who were in a hurry to sneak off up the road. Just before this Capt. Bob announced as we passed Allens Green that he had now done 20,000 mile of cycling since joining the Wheelers five years earlier. Those who were expecting champagne as they rode along were sorely disappointed!
Riders:Bob Brown (leader), Lesley Rose, Nicola Pickering (guest), Mike East, Danny Hood, Lee Mason, Danny North, John Highet, Steve Holton, Mark Watson, Will Bowen, Daniel Horn, Martin Buckle, Steve Buckle, Steve Whipp

Cat 8 (MTB) led by John Farnham

A quartet of Wheelers rolled out of Ware via Poles Lane, Thundridge, Cold Christmas ford, Youngsbury, Barwick ford, Gunpowder wood, Latchford, Much Hadham, Sidehill wood, Nether Street, Gilston, Allens Green, Sacombs Ash, Green Tye, back through Much Hadham and over the hill through Standon Lodge farm to Puckeridge. As usual we were well fed and watered at the Something Lovely café before setting out on our return leg. A slight delay on the outskirts of Puckeridge was caused by a meeting of the Herts Wheelers puncture sub committee. The offending inner tube was soon replaced and we resumed our return ride through Colliers End, Old Hall Green, Moorfield Common, Sacombe Green, Sacombebury, Stoneyhills, Rickneys quarry, Bengeo and over Ware park back to Ware. 39 miles.
2 points each to Cathy P, Gary D, Tim T & John F.