Club Run Reports - 13th November

Club Run Reports - 13th November

17 Nov 16

Cat 5 - PW

Two of us this time, Valdis & myself.  We headed north via the old A10 to Puckeridge and thence onward via Furneux Pelham and Berden until Rickling where we turned South and gained the advantage of a following wind.  Down via Henham in time for the service there and then looped around Stansted Airport to the venue at Thremhall Park off the old A120.  There we became three as we were met by IanS who rode back with us.  A new cafe for us and a welcome change, especially as they refilled our tea\coffee cups for zilch.  

Cat 6 led by Danny Hood,

Cold and sunny for Sunday's ride was a relief after the weather the day before, rain, rain and more rain. Our numbers were down a little due to a few missing regulars but eleven is not bad for this time of year.
Adrian who had come out with us as a guest rider two weeks ago returned for another ride and really seems to have enjoyed them. He must be a glutton for punishment! And it turns out has lived more or less next door to our very own captain Bob for about 6 years. Small world!
The usual route on the outward leg was hindered a bit by a closed road at Perry Green for gas works. The workman weren't very keen to let us pass, quoting the old health and safety garb, but a bit of sweet talking by yours truly saved the day. ( I made out we were on a charity ride lol).  A short stop at eleven o'clock to mark remembrance Sunday and then on to a packed café at Hatfield Heath. Three decided that the wait looked more than they could bear and decided to head straight back.
Our return took us through Sheering, Matching Tye, south of Harlow to Roydon and then through Stanstead Abbotts to Ware. By the time we arrived back at base we were down to four.
Great ride as ever and managed to not lose anyone....... Especially within half a mile of the start!!!!!