Club run reports - 13th February

Club run reports - 13th February

14 Feb 22

Category 4 ride led by Enzo, Elio and Ian

Despite the very real threat of rain in the air, the usual gaggle of Cat 4 riders left Ware, and a bunch of chatty Cat 6’ers, for a Sunday trek to Thremhall Park cafe.

With the scheduled ride leader indisposed , it was down to the intrepid trio of Ian Bembridge, Enzo and Elio to guide the riders through Herts and Essex.  Fortunately, Dennis Bassom had supplied the GPX file, and the three Wheelers had managed to get the route loaded up onto their GPS computers.  

This probably wasn't the best of starts to the morning, but the gang hoped (and possible prayed) that at least one of the three would get them to the coffee house safe and sound.

With a smattering of Cat 3 cyclists in tow, the team headed off with the wind in their faces but with the determination to not let the weather have the upper hand.  

Winter miles equals summer smiles, remember...

With precipitation firmly forecast, it looked like the cast of Cbeebies had taken to the roads. But riding in the wet usually signals grey and gloomy skies and waterproof clothing can throw up some interesting colourways.  

However, safety first and all in the name of being clearly seen by our age old foe, the motor car.

Pushing through puddles and gusty gales, the 9 went down to 8 as Graham Knight split off for an early finish, ahead of the team arriving for their cafe stop.  

Ian had his now customary full English breakfast, whilst the rest opted for a more conservative mix of toast, eggs, mushrooms or just coffee.

Refreshed and revitalised, the riders prepared for the return journey but were taken aback by the sight of Lisa’s terribly rusty chain and rear cassette.  ‘Clean your bleedin’ bike, Ridoutt’ was the cry as the cyclists left the eatery, drowning out the beeps of the Garmins and snaps of the clipless pedals.

Seriously Lisa, clean your bleedin’ bike :o)

Fortunately, mechanicals and punctures played no part on the ride back, but the wind and rain finally arrived making conditions tricky and downright miserable.  

Despite greasy roads, the experienced Wheelers carefully navigated an adjusted route back home in time for tea and a well earned rest.


Category 6 ride led by Kate D’Arcy

Six riders braved the blustery wind to head out to Hatfield Heath, putting their trust in Kate (me) to lead them and not get lost. All went swimmingly well. I managed to follow the little pink line on the map past Fanhams, Perry Green, Spellbrook onto Little Hallingbury and arriving at the Village Tearooms ahead of schedule. 

A variety of food was chosen including a lovely looking salt beef bagel and delicious cake. My enormous portion of cake arrived followed by a miniscule portion of carrot cake for Graham; he was not best pleased. They obviously decided I needed the extra calories to get me home. After whingeing to the waitress he got the cake for free, so happily climbed back on his bike for the return journey declaring he liked this cafe stop after all!

The return journey via Harlow, Roydon and Stanstead Abbotts went smoothly apart from one chain coming off. Thanks everyone for making it an easy-to-lead ride.