Club run reports - 12th August

Club run reports - 12th August

12 Aug 18

Category 3 ride led by Tony Howard

Knock, Knock, are there any Cat 3 riders around today, yes, me, myself and I and a very welcome Arsenal supporter Ian Moore who was a guest! So the ride was changed to allow him to train up to the Emirates for the start of the match!
We decided on a 25 mile route without a stop, leaving Allenburys at the normal time 9.30, with a slow start just to see if there were any latecomers; unfortunately there weren’t! So we headed through Ware onto Stanstead Abbotts and Hunsdon, turning right along Bourne Road past Henry Moore’s place and looping around Allen’s Green, Trimms Green back through Much Hadham, Kettle Green Road, Wareside and home. Just shy of an average of 17 mph.

Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

We all had our macs and sou’westers ready for this ride. The BBC app said 45% chance of precipitation. Ten Wheelers set off from Hertford to Shenley. All merry and happy, we set off, a slight smattering of rain didn’t deter us. Adrian “moaned” that he could have spent another 30 minutes in bed as we rode past his house. OK, so he didn’t moan, he just advised, I’ve got to make it sound more dramatic, don’t I! Pete Eldon, who came out last week for the first time, decided he was a glutton for punishment and appeared again. Ian Bailey also came out; this was his second ride too.  It’s nice to see new people coming out and enjoying the scenery. Lovely to have you guys riding and nice chatting. We got to ‘Cafe in The Orchard’ in no time, aFter a couple of hills, spurred us on. The service in the Cafe was second to none, really polite staff, and the food came out like a “fast food restaurant”. The food was lovely and within 30 minutes we were back on the bikes, riding home. 
No sign of the heavy rain that was forecast. Lovely eh? Nearly home and Peter decided to talk about his cat defecating all over his house (well, the kitchen) and the conversation went somewhat downhill from there. Everyone had a good giggle. Not a single puncture (Danny has new tyres that’s why ????) nor mechanicals. All in all, a nice ride to Shenley. This is my favourite ride at the moment and we will definitely be going back there. Thanks to Danny, for helping me with the ride, keeping an eye on the numbers etc. Thanks all, my first ride as lead, where I actually didn’t lose anyone at all. I’m well chuffed. Love & kisses. Tony xxx.