Club run reports - 11th March

Club run reports - 11th March

15 Mar 18

Category 6 ride led by Mike East

Three things learned on this category 6 ride:
1. It seemed to be "Drive a 4 Wheel Drive' day
2. Everyone in Sawbridgeworth has a living mother who needs fetching/ visiting by car on Mothers' Day
3. Local motorists have read about the possibility of introducing an offence for not giving cyclists sufficient clearance and are terrifying us while they still can.
On the quieter roads things were fine. The cafe was packed inside, allowing some to start on their 2018 tan. Drizzly rain for a while on the way back and the curse of the ride leader's puncture struck again - thank you, John F, for your wheel wizardry. 13 riders out, 10 in the returning group. 39 miles.

Category 3 ride led by Gareth Wignall

After a successful start to the Herts Wheelers TT season with 11 members undertaking the 72" Restricted Gear, there was a change of plans after a phone call to Something Lovely.
Peter Walton came up with plan B to Mill End Plants Tea Room. This was undertaken by Peter W, Gareth W, Peter B, Chris B, Ian P, and Tony DS.
Only puncture award goes to IanP.