Club run reports - 11th July

Club run reports - 11th July

12 Jul 21

Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

Well what can I say. Absolutely gutted Engerland lost the first ever Euro Final they have been in; this is written with a heavy heart, actually a heavy head as well lol. 
Eight riders met at Allenburys all pumped and hyped up. We also had a newcomer turn up, Mick Cox - welcome to the club rides, Mick.
We rode off at a break neck speed and left poor old Davina behind. Sorry. We got to Café Mocha and found it was cash only, so we went “up that hill” in Bishops Stortford. We got to the Rosy Lea Café and decided we would order quick food (cake) only, as cooked food entailed a 25 minute wait. So we ordered cakes and then turned around to find Steve had ordered some proper food. 25 minutes later, we left after he ate up. 
Nothing eventful happened after we left the cafe, except Steve, Gary and Mick went off at the front and we never saw them again after we turned right up Kettle Green Road. Oh well, I lost 3 riders, nothing unusual there then. 
Nice steady pace today. Sorry, can’t really remember anything else as at the moment I’m still hanging.

Category 3 ride led by Elio Domenicano

In a mega day for Italians in England, Italy won the Euros, Matteo Berrettini took a set off Djokovic in the Wimbledon final, and I led my first Cat 3 ride. 11 of us departed for the Snug Café in High Easter, (my favourite of all the Easters). Despite dry weather we encountered the only flooded road in Hertfordshire. After some initial attempts to cross the lake that had formed we turned around, ignored the GPS and re-routed thanks to Graham's local knowledge. The team diverged somewhere around Thaxted with Adam/Gary trying to break the new guy Paul, but we all came together at the Café. Following some generous slices of cake and some significant headshaking/ maintenance to Lisa's bike, we set off at pace for the return journey. Other than my chain deciding it would be better placed round my pedals at one point, the return journey was incident free. All the riders made it home, unlike something else, which found its way to Rome instead!