Club run reports - 11th August

Club run reports - 11th August

11 Aug 19

Category 3 ride led by Graham Knight

There were still stiff winds forecast following Saturday's 40 mph gusts. With luck the route to Toddington would be mainly a cross wind with perhaps a little assistance on the way back. The Cat 2 ride scheduled for Saturday had been blown away so several joined us on the Cat 3. I say "joined" since all four disappeared soon after we left Hertford only to re-appear (now 5) smugly installed in the café of the Poplars Garden Centre having followed a route of their own devising which omitted the interesting diversion to the south of Kimpton. Never mind, we forgave them.

The weather threatened rain as we (now 13) started for home, so a planned loop near Barton was abandoned and we went straight to Hexton up to Lilly and onwards via Whitwell and Knebworth. The Cat 2 riders earned their keep by riding on the front - at least they did when I could keep up with them.

Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood

After the last couple of days' weather, it was a welcome relief to find the sun shining, albeit with a fairly strong breeze. Once again we were met at the start by the Italian stallion, who this week was joining us for few miles before breaking off. Eight riders, the decent weather and Essex's superior road surfaces meant that we could push along at a decent pace and we arrived at the café at dead on eleven o'clock with just under nineteen miles under our belts. The coffee and cakes at Belgique are excellent, but a bit on the pricey side - it's no Café Mocha!
We did find out about one member's wife's eyesight being restored after their wedding and the joy it brought her seeing her husband for the first time! We also heard about he trials and tribulations of ageing on the male body, and tests involved. Bite on this please, sir!
A bit of a mix up on the way back meant that I lost two riders but I figured they knew where they were and that they would meet us further up the road. They did, but unfortunately not until we were almost home. Sorry guys. 
The total distance covered was just under forty miles at a blistering 13.8 mph average.

Cat (?) - PW

Eight left for a guided tour de somewhere but as we started to climb out of Stanstead Abbotts there was a sound like a pistol-shot as a tyre exploded.  Fortunately the person concerned had a spare (who on earth takes a spare tyre on a club ride?) and soon we were back on the road.  After that there were no more problems as we headed up towards Manuden & beyond.  After circumventing Stansted Airport we stopped having the benefit of a tail-wind and made our way down to Hatfield Heath for twelvsies.  A shorter return, but we missed out on any rain.  50.9 miles done at less than 14mph average.

Category 7 MTB ride led by John Farnham

Whilst most of the Wheelers assembled at Hertford were heading off into a westerly wind on their road bikes, three sought the shelter of the tracks, bridleways and woods to try out a new off road route to Vanstones at Codicote. This involved Waterford Common, Bramfield Woods, Tewin, Harmer Green, Mardley Heath and Nup End, followed by tea and various things on toast at The Orchard Cafe - efficiently delivered as usual. Return via Drivers End, Rabley Heath, Mardley Heath, Woolmer Green, Datchworth, Raffin Green, Bramfield Woods and Bramfield village back to Hertford. Almost spot on the advertised 30 miles. No punctures or tumbles, and only one slight mechanical involving a large stick which launched itself into someone's back wheel.