Club run reports - 10th September

Club run reports - 10th September

11 Sep 17

Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood

The A TEAM set off for Theydon in fairly good weather although it was windy on the outward journey especially. We haven't used this cafe for quite a while and judging by the fare on offer today that's been a bit of a mistake. The quality of food and drinks was really superb, as was the service provided by our extremely pleasant waitress. The route out in this direction and even more so coming back is rather hilly and, along with the wind, meant that everyone felt the 38 or so miles, some even more so after their Saturday night before. The rain held off as promised by the weather app on my phone and along with the company made for a great ride. 
Ain't getting on no plane fool!!!!

Category 3 ride led by Graham Knight

Eight gathered at Ware, including Barry who had already completed marshalling duties on behalf of the club at the Norlond 25 mile TT on the A10. Leigh also was there on the way back from a bout of illness. He seemed fit enough to me as he blasted past on the hill up to Wodsons then again on the climb out of Wadesmill. Just before Wadesmill we were joined by Peter W who had actually completed the Norlond TT - surely the act either super-human or insane!

All proceeded smoothly through Great Munden and Buntingford until Leigh's bike, perhaps unaccustomed to the vigour of his riding, succumbed to a fatal mechanical. Two of his front spokes became detached - not broken, the nipples had become unscrewed and were lost somewhere inside the rim. Such was the cunning, state-of-the-art construction of these Fulcrum rims that there seemed no way to re-install them without resort to a can-opener (Barry later suggested a magnet might do the trick).

Step in Steve Godfrey! He rode to his house - fortunately only a mile or so away - and returned with a car which he generously leant to Leigh so that he and his broken bike could make it back to Ware.

Time had been lost though and the weather had changed from bright and sunny to cold, cloudy and windy - presaging the rain that was forecast for later in the day. So it was decided to forgo the ground-breaking trip to the Boundary Café in Potton and head instead for Tapps in Baldock via Ashwell. We did manage the descent from Kelshall to the A505, which was new to many.

Tapps served us well before we headed back to Ware via Weston, Cromer and Ardeley, shedding riders on the way who headed for homes variously in Datchworth and Hertford. 60 miles was reduced to 47, but I think all enjoyed the experience - and what a good advert Steve's action was for the spirit within the Club!