Club run reports - 10th October

Club run reports - 10th October

10 Oct 21

Category 6 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

The route was compiled by Carolyn Kelleway and I was somewhat excited to lead this one. However, at the last minute, poor old Carolyn rang me to say she had the dreaded lurgy. Oh no, I thought. We all hope you feel better soon. Also poor old David Smith texted me advising he had tweaked his knee and was only going out for a short ride in the morning. 

We were waiting at Ware and as the riders came flooding in, Rebecca phoned me advising she’d forgotten to zip her top tube pack up and all the contents had fallen out and she was retrieving them down her road. 

Rebecca turned up, and eight minutes later than the scheduled time, we set off. We went north up through yada yada yada, cycle cycle cycle. All was going well, the lanes were a tad crunchy and I was envisaging at least four or five punctures, but no, there were none. The weatherman said there wasn’t going to be any rain and five miles in, yes, you guessed it, we all got a bit wet. Ah well, you only get wet once. 

Fourteen miles in, Ian had a puncture. Damn, I thought, the cat 5 are going to beat us to Mill End and steal all the Bakewell! However, Ian had a game plan and changed the puncture in minutes. We were off! Whoooosh!!

Half a mile away from Mill End, who did we see, none other than David Smith. We couldn’t say hello, you rode past us so fast, you were a blur! We got to Mill End, the category 5s hadn’t turned up and it was a little empty. However, as I thought that, Veralum CC turned up and then the cat 5s. We had got there just in time. A quick munch and we were riding again.

The chatter got lower than low, with Richard and Steve lowering the tone (very funny, though) and I’m not allowed to print what was said. Richard had a puncture, but as he’s a flash git, it resealed itself with the tubeless tyre. Nothing else really to report apart from a great route and great company. Obviously written on the throne and over and out.