Club run reports - 10th November

Club run reports - 10th November

10 Nov 19

Category 2 ride led by Nathan Brede

The ride went out to Jordan’s Mill, Langford. The team all enjoyed the ride and the route, covering 67 miles, 
approximately 3000 ft of climbing at an average speed 17.5 mph. 

The team comprised 6 regulars, a returner and a guest. There were no mechanicals on a great ride.

Category 6 ride led by Mike East

Many usual suspects were missing at the start - had Captain Renault been busy “rounding up” the night before?That left spaces for less frequent attendees, and ten left Hertford for Codicote.

Two points to note on this routine ride to Vanstone Garden Centre. Firstly, the group pulled in at Knebworth Station for an impeccably observed two minute silence, Peter B did the timing like a Premier League referee. Only bit missing was a rendition of the Last Post. We must find a bugler for next year.

Secondly, there were three punctures. Hardly a surprise with flints washed into already clarty roads. Two punctures were repaired in the time-honoured fashion and with the consequential delay. The third involved a tubeless tyre, and required only a quick spin of the wheel, pumping in some air, before we were on our way. Modern technology 1, tradition 0. Is this the way forward?