Club ride reports - 28th April

Club ride reports - 28th April

28 Apr 19

Category 6 ride led by Mike East

Extinction Rebellion is over. What did we learn? First, club activities probably qualify for some form of green accreditation - all those emission free miles. Smug virtue signalling all round. Could we do more? - enforcing a rule on riding to the start! Secondly, they demonstrated the multifarious uses of superglue. So, if you arrive at the cafe and have forgotten your lock? No problem - just glue your bike to a nearby wall while you refuel.
Three groups gathered at Allenbury’s, to be greeted by a pair of  barrow boys distributing dodgy looking parcels from the back of their car. No need to call for the fuzz, though - it is the new kit. Looking forward to next Sunday’s fashion show.
Today’s destination was Hare Street, to the cafe once called the Tortoise. Hilarious, side splitting joke, you see! A shame Aesop’s relatives did not enforce the copyright laws. Anyway, it is now the Sunflower Cafe, recently taken over and much improved as a consequence. The booking was for 12 riders, and, low and behold, the group was indeed 12, so no-one refused entry.
Out via Little Hadham and Furneux Pelham, back through Buntingford and Dane End. First ride for Claire - welcome. Back by 1.15. 31 miles - one fewer than advertised - sorry, no refunds.

Category 3 ride led by Tony Howard

Ten riders turned up for the Cat 3 jaunt to the Wilkinson TipTree Tea Room which is located by Writtle University College! There seemed to be three interpretations regarding the type of weather for the day, and therefore, clothing:

The brave seemed to think shorts were all that was necessary, whilst others, perhaps we can call them the not so brave, donned shorts and leg warmers. And then there were the wimps who had the full winter thermal gear on. Well the wimps had it right for about an hour before they melted. The not so brave had it right for the bit in the middle and yes you’ve guessed, the brave were smiling for the last hour or so! 

An enjoyable ride apart from the cold wet bit after leaving the tea room for about 45 minutes, even the 30 mile return journey into the breeze wasn’t too bad! Oh yeah, and the 10 minute wait at Matching Green for a puncture repair, which was the only mechanical issue on the day. A 60 mile ride at an average speed of around 15.5 mph with good company, so until we meet again some sunny day, hopefully!

Category 5 ride led by Peter Walton

Six braved the wilds of Hertford for a 50 mile loop via Farrowby Farm.  With a strong wind coming at us from the NW we took the more sheltered route out via Walkern, Baldock, Stotfold & Astwick before waiting ages for a gap in the A1 traffic so we could access the farm.  The wind assisted return was by the more conventional route of Ashwell etc.  50.4 miles at 14.1 average.  No problems or issues marred our day.  Apart from a few spits & spats, any rain did not materialise, and we all had a sometime fast and sometime slow journey depending on the wind direction.

Category 7 (MTB) ride led by John Farnham

Seven Wheelers lined up for our summer off road route to Puckeridge via Poles Lane, Thundridge old church, Barwick Ford, Latchford, Much Hadham, Green Tye and Standon Lodge farm. Return leg through Colliers End, Levens Green, Sacombe park, Rickneys quarry, where two of our number failed the Mk 2 quarry challenge (must do better next time).  Final part of the return was over Ware park back to Allenburys. 35 miles. No punctures or mechanicals, but two close inspections of the tarmac occurred.  The first was more precisely a close encounter with the concrete and algae at Much Hadham ford, resulting in a cold bath for the unfortunate faller. The second tumble was of the more traditional variety, involving slowness of unclipping and gravitational forces upon our arrival at the cafe.