Club ride reports - 21st April

Club ride reports - 21st April

21 Apr 19

Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood

The bank holiday weekend meant that the 'Wings' café at North Weald airfield were doing some much needed refurbishment. Knowing that the village café at Hatfield Heath have catered for us before on Easter Sunday, I booked us a table there. The café was unusually quiet, quiet in the number of customers not in noise level, although lacking the two motor mouths who were asked to keep it down a couple of years ago on the same Easter Sunday. We were in fact quiet in noise level too.
Thirteen sun worshipping Wheelers topping up the tans on a gentle ride through lovely countryside. What's not to like about that. No mechanical problems, great weather and even better company.

Oh, and after discovering that a certain Phil the Power had transferred from the dark side to the light, it was great to find Tony had began the transformation, from evil Woolwich Satanist, through the cleansing power of a salt beef bagel, into one of the chosen few. Welcome to the fold, brother Tony. An angel in white thou shall be. Amen.

Category 5 ride led by Peter Walton

Seven of us, including two who were auditioning us, set out from Ware to enjoy the countryside up to Cambridgeshire.  Not wanting to be trapped on the recently resurfaced B1368, we took a slightly more undulating outward bound route.  We got to our destination and was surprised to find that it wasn't crowded - but we sat in the garden anyway and contemplated our return on what was by now a rather warm day.  By this time I'd got past caring about the potential loose chippings and decided to man-up and take the direct route back to Puckeridge.  We spread out a bit along the road on the return according to our various capabilities but eventually we all got back in one piece.  Lovely day, great company, great cafe.