Club ride reports - 14th April

Club ride reports - 14th April

15 Apr 19

Category 6 ride led by Bob Brown

This ride was changed at the last minute, as intended ride leader Danny was struck down with the flu. Captain Bob stood in, but didn’t know the way to North Weald so nine set off in cold but otherwise pleasant conditions for Cammas Hall Fruit Farm instead. One rider decided to change her mind after a few hundred yards and join the Cat 5 ride. Uneventful ride out to Hatfield Broad Oak and usual excellent service at Cammas Hall Fruit Farm (no fruit to pick yet but loads of people there with their kids). Tailwind back meant that Captain Bob’s electric bike couldn’t keep up on the flat sections. 
Turned out to be a plus point when he encountered a puncture victim left behind by the rest of the group. Then the electric bike ran out of electricity, leading to a very slow last few miles home for him and the puncture victim.

Category 3 ride led by Graham Knight

The weather, though sunny, had reverted to winter with a cold, nagging north-east wind. The Herts road bodgers forced a re-route at the start as they had spread gravel ankle deep on Widbury Hill. This meant that all three rides set out along Lower Road with the Cat 3s overtaking the rest before getting stuck at the level crossing. Once released they proceeded to Epping where they found their route blocked once again and had to pick their way through the back streets. After that things went smoothly, though the wind continued to nag making a flat route seem more up hill that it should have seemed.

The Norton Heath café was its usual self: cheap, popular and prompt. All this was made more enjoyable by the prospect of a decent tail wind on the return. Such optimism is often dashed - but not on this occasion. The flat lands through Willingale and Abbess Roding to Matching Green were negotiated at a good pace. After that it was the usual lumpy stuff through Sawbridgeworth and Much Hadham, and back to Ware.

The leader is pleased to report that he lost none of the eight riders (not even John H). We were all pleased to welcome Stuart Whitenshall on his first Cat 3.

Category 5 ride led by Peter Walton

A memorable ride for all concerned!
Seven started, soon to be eight, then nine and before long ten of us slowly made our way to Ickleton.  There we were met by two others.  The return was wind assisted but not much faster.  Have been struggling to do a write up that does the ride justice.  But I can't.  So I won't.