90th Anniversary Club run reports - 15th July

90th Anniversary Club run reports - 15th July

16 Jul 18

Category 6 ride led by Bob Brown

On a scorching hot day, 16 (or some say 17) cat sixers set off via The Blackbirds, Hertford, to join in the group photo, before heading off via Brickendon, Bayford, and Little Berkhamsted (where three who had become detached, but found a shorter route, were reunited at the foot of Robins Nest Hill). Next it was Letty Green, Cole Green and Panshanger before arriving hot and hungry at The Country Bumpkin on Tewin Hill. The place was absolutely packed with various groups of London based cyclists, who had already devoured most of the available food! In the very first time in 7 years of club runs, Captain Bob had nothing but a cup of black coffee! Guest Claire had a puncture to fix but had plenty of time to do this. We then set off via Datchworth and Watton at Stone, after which point one of our number went terminally missing. No amount of back tracking could locate him. He may be still out there! A series of mishaps to Tony Dos Santos, including a bee sting, were the only items of note during the remainder of the ride, apart from a liberal use of Anglo Saxon profanities from riders struggling up the cruel late hills on the ride.

Category 7 ride led by John Farnham

Seven Wheelers took the start for the off road version of the club's 90th Anniversary ride along the increasingly rough towpath to Hertford, narrowly avoiding the junior park runners on Hartham and finally emerging at Parliament Square. Here we were joined by the 'Roadies' for the club photos outside The Blackbirds PH. After some swift camera work by Gareth we retraced our route across Hartham up to Bengeo and via some tracks onto the Stoneyhills Road. Then off road again around the rim of Rickney's Quarry where we had to dodge a number of long distance runners who looked very much hotter than we did. Back on road once more and crossing the A602 into Sacombe Park, Sacombe Green, Moorfield Common, Levens Green to Old Hall Green. Here we followed a long standing Wheelers tradition and formed a sub-committee, the result of which was that we should deviate from the intended route and go and have a cup of tea at Something Lovely in Puckeridge. Tea, coffee & cake duly consumed we returned via Latchford, Gunpowder Wood, Barwick Ford, Youngsbury, Wadesmill, Thundridge and Poles Lane back into Ware. 25 miles, no punctures or mechanicals.

Category 3 ride led by Barry Page

After the photo shoot, ten of us left for a leisurely two hour ride to be followed by a free lunch at HQ
That was the plan, but a fast hilly ride soon developed due mainly to the sunshine and the leader forgetting to bring a computer.
We passed some Wheelers at High Cross rushing to the feast, but carried on through Sacombe Green and Haultwick.
On to Buntingford, then on through Wydial to Anstey, Great Hormead, Furneux Pelham etc.
Just one detour up Bromley Hill satisfied a few strava freaks then on to the banquet !!!