2nd Club 10

2nd Club 10

E64/10 (A414)

21 Apr 15

Another lovely evening - though the easterly breeze made the first leg tough. There were some good times including Paul and Barry, both on road bikes, and Richard with (I think) a course PB. There was a welcome return by Brian with a decent time earning him third place.
Karl was very quick again and was a comfortable winner.
Thanks to Bob for "pushing off" and taking the photos. The only blight on the evening was caused by the timer who forgot to bring the numbers!


No. Name Time
2 Karl Willis 22:04
6 Tony Marriott 23:55
8 Brian Evans 24:58
10 Peter Walton 25:26
5 Paul Stewart 25:47
4 Barry Page 25:56
1 Ian Penson 26:56
9 Vincent Horey 28:50
3 Richard Henderson 28:51

Private Entries

7 Joe Gorman Full Gas 21:25
11 Mike Parker Tavistock W 23:59