01\06\17 - F2a/10 Cambridge CC

01\06\17 - F2a/10 Cambridge CC

02 Jun 17

Failed the others yet again.  Four of us turned up as private entrants, and three came away with PB's. 
It was the first attempt on a non-HW course for both PaulM & LeeM and GarethW had some unfinished business on this track after his start line puncture last year.  My only comfort was that I equalled my course PB set in 2011.  (23:29)  PW.

I'd heard good things about the F2a course - rumours of pancake flat,smooth, almost glass like road surfaces.  Claims like "under the right conditions, who knows how much you'll shave off your PB".  Well, with the sun beaming down and with just a gentle breeze the temptation was too much to bear.  By 16:00 two more Wheelers (GarethW & PaulM) had confirmed that they wanted in on the action.  By 18:45 we were all in Cambridge exchanging our names for a race number.  Approximately 30 riders took part, of all ages and abilities including Michael Hutchinson.  Peter was denied a new course PB by just 1 second whilst Gareth smashed his PB by 36 seconds.  Both Paul & myself knocked over a minute off ours.
Overall a very well organised and thoroughly enjoyable TT.  I've got a feeling that we'll all be there again sometime soon.  (25:00)  LM.

The weather was almost perfect, the road surface was really good and we all matched or improved on our respective PB's.  What more could you ask for?  (25:59)  PM.

Gareth's views to follow.  (21:29)