Club Hill Climb

Club Hill Climb

6ZH (Digswell)

13 Oct 19

Photo of Peter W and Tony DS at the top pf the climb

Peter and Tony. Almost there!

Photo of Lee Mason at the top

Lee Mason. Concentrated effort.

After last weeks postponement in the face of a dire (and mostly inaccurate) weather forecast the Wheelers' hill climbers re-convened at Digswell. The weather was not very encouraging but, fortunately, there was next to no rain during the event. Gareth put everyone else in the shade with a time that bettered his 2017 effort by 2 seconds and equaling Karl Willis's 2014 time on the same course. Next came Barry, who had only come to spectate, but produced a very creditable time on his utility bike.


Gareth Wignall 2.33
Barry Page 3.48
Lee Mason 4 04
Steve Watson 4.07
Peter Walton 4 10
Ian Bailey 5.15
Tony Dos Santos 5 37

Private Entry

Paul Stewart 3.21