Welcome to Herts Wheelers' Shop

Welcome to the Hertfordshire Wheelers shop.

This shop exists solely for the purpose of selling Herts Wheelers' Club kit (and occasionally other things) to club members.

If you are interested in other aspects of the club then please see the club website.

The ordering process

Select items and add them to your basket. Make sure you get the sizes right (see below) as items are manufactured on an individual basis and refunds/returns cannot be made. Payments are all made through PayPal. However, you do not need a PayPal account, payments by card are possible.

We have to wait until there are sufficient member orders to accumulate before sending an order to the manufacturer. When an order is about to be sent we will announce this, and the expected date of delivery, via the weekly emails.


Please read the Kalas sizing guide very carefully! There will be opportunities to try on some items. Look for annnouncements in the weekly emails and on the website.

If you find that a size 4 of a jersey, for example, is a perfect fit you can confidently order other top parts (jackets, gilets, etc.) using the same size. The same rule is applicable to bottom parts such as shorts and bib shorts.

For skinsuits, there is some important information you need to know. Try on both a jersey and bib shorts to work out the skinsuit size. If you need to you can combine these sizes for your skinsuit. For example, if necessary, a rider can have top size 1 and bottom size 2, or top size 2 and bottom size 1. It can also can be top size 1+ and bottom size 2. Please remember, this can be done with all the sizes as long as the difference between the top and bottom is only one size up or down.

Kalas Ranges

Currently we are offering mainly items from Kalas's "Elite" (medium-quality) range which we think will suit most members.  Kalas do have a more basic range, the "Active" and we are offering a jersey from this range. There is also a more expensive range, "Pro", which may be considered in the future.


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