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  • 16 Jun 21

    Yiannis returns to the top on a warm, humid night on the A414.

  • 02 Jun 21

    Sadly, three Wheelers had to withdraw at the last moment but the three that remained provided some close competition. Well done Hanif Jetha who nudged Claire out of first place on his first Wheelers' TT (and his first anywhere for many years). Commiserations to two riders - Yiannis Gopoulos and Sam Brown - who both suffered punctures and had to retire.

  • 19 May 21

    The May showers relented and we were granted a sunny evening with light winds. Graeme continued his recent good form and led home the Wheelers. There were good results amongst the private entries too - both Andy Georgiou, and Andrew Halpin were first time time trialists.

    Thanks to Peter and Graham for the time-keeping and Lee for the signs.

  • 05 May 21

    It was another cold, inhospitable night but at least the threatened rain and hail held off. There was a good turn-out, especially from the private entrants. Thanks all for taking part. Thanks also for Graham and Pater for the timing and Sam for the signs.

  • 21 Apr 21

    Despite the tough course and cool weather there was a good turnout, 8 Wheelers and 3 private entrants. It was good to see several of our less regular time-trialists joining in the "fun". Well done to all of them!

  • 07 Apr 21

    Some good times on a very cold evening.

  • 18 Oct 20

    It wasn't a bright, sunny autumn morning, - more still, chilly gloom. Never mind, it wasn't wet and there was no head-wind, so I'm sure everyone enjoyed their brisk sprint up the hill. At any rate, several seemed to be panting with enjoyment as they reached the end.

  • A lovely morning with sunshine and apparently light winds, which maybe didn't seem so light to those actually racing.

    Well done everyone but especially Alex with an excellent time which required extremely rapid leg spinning.

    Thanks to Lee for the signs and Graham for the times.

  • 29 Jul 20

    A warm night but with a strongish breeze on the second half.

  • 26 Jul 20
    Great to see everyone out and well done all riders. Some bringing out some truly classic looking bikes. Although there was a headwind along the A414 it wasn’t until after the foot bridge that is was really felt.
  • 15 Jul 20

    Wheelers' club 10s make their return!

  • 72" Restricted Gear, F6A/10 course - 1st March

    Nine hardy competitors rode on a sunny but cold and windy morning and all finished. Well done to you all! This event is part of the "Out of Season Best All Rounder" competition (BAR) together with an 81" Restricted Gear 10 and the Hill Climb.

    Lap times in brackets

  • The date for the 2020 running of the annual Herts Wheelers Open 10 mile time trial has been confirmed for 20th June 2020. Put the date in your diary - this is a popular event on a fast course!

  • 13 Oct 19

    After last weeks postponement in the face of a dire (and mostly inaccurate) weather forecast the Wheelers' hill climbers re-convened at Digswell. The weather was not very encouraging but, fortunately, there was next to no rain during the event. Gareth put everyone else in the shade with a time that bettered his 2017 effort by 2 seconds and equaling Karl Willis's 2014 time on the same course. Next came Barry, who had only come to spectate, but produced a very creditable time on his utility bike.

  • 12\05\21 - Whitewebbs (F6A).  GraemeH (25:29), PeterW (27:27)

    07\08\19 - Whitewebbs (F20/10).  PeterW (25:03)

    06\08\19 - Welwyn (F6A).  PeterW (25:53)

    18\07\19 - Cambridge CC (F2/10).  LeeM (23:42), PeterW (23:42)

    02\07\19 - North Road (Brickendon).  PeterW (25:51)

    27\06\19 - Cambridge CC (F2/10).  GarethW (21:03), LeeM (23:49)

    26\06\19 - Whitewebbs (F20/25).  GarethW (57:16), LeeM (1:04:42), PeterW (1:07:21), BriW (1:30:52)

    30\05\19 - Cambridge CC (F2/10).  GarethW (21:14), PeterW (24:16), LeeM (24:27)

  • Organising Club: Leo

    Course: E2/30c

    Wheelers' Times

    PeterW 1:17:46

  • Organising Club: Cambridge CC

    Course: E2/50c

    Wheelers' Times

    GarethW 1:58:59

  • Lovely morning for a TT. Well done Ian Bailey for making his first effort.

    Riding restricted

    Steve Watson 27:35
    Peter Walton 28:09

    Not restricted

    Barry Page 26:38
    Ian Bailey 33:11

    Barry's win and failure to participate in any earlier events wins him the coveted scrubbing brush. Steve and Peter survive to compete for the out of season best all-rounder trophy at the hill-climb on October 6th.


  • 14 Aug 19

    Cancelled due to continuous rain.

  • Organising Club: RTTC National 12 hour

    Course: B12/2

    Wheelers' Times

    GarethW 255.3 miles