Club run reports - 31st March

Club run reports - 31st March

01 Apr 19

Category 5 ride led by Tony Howard

Sixteen wheels turned up (including mine) for my first Cat 5 lead ride from Ware to White Roding! The 7 riders (answers on a postcard) set off promptly leaving the Cat 6 contemplating their navels in the Allenburys car park. We set off through Ware and Stanstead Abbotts some choosing to climb the hill towards Roydon and others on the sneaky easier alternative via Kitten Lane! Now the ride started in earnest through Roydon, Harlow Common and the Lavers, twenty miles into that cold easterly breeze. Some respite came from the wind once we headed north at Fyfield, and smiles occurred when we turned West for a couple of miles before reaching Brett’s Farm, where all the tables were booked for Mother’s Day! This was easily sorted out by sitting by the bar, but coffee only was served, strictly no alcohol and some food of course! The return trip was great, we were jet propelled through Hatfield Heath and Sawbridgeworth and the normal route home, 45 Miles. It was good to meet some new faces, thanks for your company.

Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood 

Ten Wheelers thought better of spending some quality time with their mothers on this their special day and opted for a ride to Buntingford instead. And who can blame them, what have mothers ever done for us!
We saw the return of a couple of regulars today who for various reasons have been missing in action lately. Welcome back guys.
As usual my ride leading skills were of a world class level and we arrived at the café just as the tables were being put out. This meant room inside for all, and after some excellent service we had been refreshed and were off home. Albeit, minus two of the group. 
We kept the peloton nice and tight until we hit the old A10 and then it was every man or woman for themselves. Back nice and early for those who felt a bit guilty and decided that, although they didn't ask to be born, they should at least show their face to mum on her special day