Club run reports - 29th December

Club run reports - 29th December

30 Dec 19

Category 2 ride led by Kevin O’Shea

In what critics are calling ‘the Cat 2 ride of the year’ four intrepid lycra clad legends set out in search of the fabled Blue Egg café. On the way personal records were swept aside with wild abandon (including the Strava segment “The Farting Goat Chicanes”). The Blue Egg café lived up to high expectations and attracted the comment “it’s everything I hoped it would be” from one of the group on their maiden visit. Eating for peak athletic performance, the team worked their way through 3 cakes and a sausage roll. This fuelled a return leg, through the wind and sunshine, that included a persistent puncture, a stream crossing and the promise of a post ride pork pie.

Well done to Peter Howard, Chris Boulton, Laura O’Shea and Kevin O’Shea for shaking off the Christmas excesses and making it an enjoyable ride. The team would like to dedicate their achievements today to the missing birthday boys Nathan Brede and Liberato Rocco.

A total of 61 miles were devoured at an average speed of 17.3mph that included 2,600 feet of elevation gain.


Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood

Only five riders for today's short notice ride to Mill End plant. For some reason known only to himself, Mr East would have been very pleased. Prime numbers are his thing.
What we lacked in numbers, we made up for with athletic ability. People out walking their dogs, or going about their Sunday morning business, could have been fooled into thinking the tour pros had made an impromptu training expedition into the Hertfordshire countryside, such was the pace of the famous five.
Fed and watered we were back on the homeward leg by ten past eleven and back to base by twelve fifteen. It's amazing what an Italian on a new bike can do. We've now got our own Derny paceman. As my Garmin battery gave up the ghost half way home I've no idea of the exact mileage or average speed. Let's just say about 60 miles around the 20 mph average. Told you it was fast.

Happy new year everyone.