Club run reports - 12th December

Club run reports - 12th December

12 Dec 21

Category 6 ride led by Danny Hood and Mike East

The main talking point took place before 9.30, when, on the ride to the start, the nominated leader suffered two punctures. Danny Hood kindly led the group out from Allenbury’s to Much Hadham, where the frazzled leader joined in. Thereafter the ride took in Little Hadham, Ferneux Pelham and Great Hormead, where, in the (planned) absence of a cafe stop, the full two points were gained.

The ride back, sadly against the wind, headed for Puckeridge, Gore Lane and the old A10. Thirteen riders, 30 miles, and back in Ware just after midday.


Category 4 ride led by Tony Dos Santos

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Ooops sorry, just practicing my poetry! Well not mine, ah, you know. 

I turned up at Allenbury’s on one of the warmest December mornings I’ve seen in a long time. Cat 4,5 and 6 were riding from here, with the cat 6 doing a non stopper. Many riders were piling in. There were about 30ish wheelers waiting to ride off. Now for a December day I was amazed. 

We rode off at 9.32, a tad late, but we had to depart because of the massive entourage of the sixes. 

We rode through the Fanhams, yada yada yada. We went past Rebecca’s mum’s house (sadly, Rebecca wasn’t on the ride) and through Sawbridgeworth we went. Nothing really eventful, apart from Richard Henderson taking about 2 hours to change a puncture. OK, so it wasn’t that long, but, I’m going to put him on a course about how to take his wheel off! 

We got to the Polo club (posh, eh) at 12. Obviously we had booked a table (well, Carolyn had) and we were fashionably late. Some had ordered cakes, some the hot stuff, it came out and it was an absolute mountain of lush food. Graham stole Steve’s chips (well, he didn’t steal them, Steve didn’t want to eat them). Graham on the way out had a moan that he nearly died eating a chip! 

We rode into the wind for the next 20 miles and it was tough. However, a big thanks to Richard and Peter B, for drafting the peloton; oh did I tell you that myself, Graham and Carolyn didn’t get a draft, because they were soooo far in front of us. 

We got back to Allenburys around 2.45. A nice ride and no mechanicals - just the one puncture.
Obviously written on the throne. 
Over and out - Dos Santos.