Covid rules

Club Runs during the pandemic

The lock-down rules will change on Monday 29th March. The rule of six will return but, following negotiations between Sport England and the Government, organised outdoor sports will be exempt from this limit. Cycling UK has now issued new guidance to clubs and advise that we can resume club runs of up to 15 riders.

We intend to resume club runs from Sunday 4th April. However, please note the following carefully:

  • The exemption from the rule of six applies only to "official" rides organised by the club - i.e. those posted on the club runs schedule on our website. It does not apply to rides organised by groups of friends whether or not they are members of the club and whether or not they are organised via our social media channels.
  • The exemption applies only to the sporting activity. As Sport England puts it "Social interaction before and after playing any sport should only take place in separate and distinct groups consisting of up to six people or two households.". So, you must follow the rule of six when not actively participating e.g. before and after riding and at any mid-ride stops.
  • Social distancing and hygiene rules still apply - 2 metre separation, hand-washing, stay away if you have COVID symptoms etc.
  • We must keep a record of who rides, so please make sure the ride leader knows you are there and has a contact number for you.
  • Cafés are not open at present - though some are providing take-away services. They are expected to be open, for outside service only, after April 12th. Given these restrictions it is up to ride leaders to decide whether to schedule stops. They may prefer to advise riders to bring their own food.
  • Please make sure you bring a mask with you in case this is needed, for example at a café or during an emergency.